Meet Elizabeth Mangwadi

I was born in a polygamous family, I missed the opportunity to go to school.

Elizabeth was born on September 17, 2002. She lives in Stand Number 11, Village 7, Musena in Mvuma. Her father, Never Mangwadi, has two wives. Elizabeth's mother has five kids including Elizabeth, and her step mother has six kids. There are two boys and nine girls in total, Elizabeth being the second in her family of five. Five of the kids are of school-going age, but Never kept Elizabeth from going to school because of the cost of education for his other children due to lack of income. Families in the area often sell their domestic animals in order to pay school fees, but the Mangwadi family doesn't have any animals. Instead, they farm and fish for survival. Elizabeth's mom gardens, selling home-grown tomatoes for survival. Elizabeth's step mother is a teacher in Silobela, and Elizabeth hopes to become a teacher in the future. 



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